Last Eight Teams To Go Up 2 0 Have Won World Series - RealGM Wiretap
Since 1997 Cheap Jerseys From China , eight teams have taken a 2-0 lead in the World Series and all have gone on to win a championship.

The 1996 Yankees are the last team to lose the first two games of the Fall Classic and comeback to win.

Verlander Could Become First $200M Pitcher - RealGM Wiretap

Felix Hernandez is putting the finishing touches on a seven-year, $175 million extension with the Mariners, which bodes well for Justin Verlander.

Verlander is eligible for free agency after the 2014 season.

"Yeah, I would guess so," he said when asked if Hernandez's deal is good for his future. "We'll see."

Bob Nightengale predicts that Verlander could become baseball's first $200 million pitcher. David Price and Clayton Kershaw could receive that level of contract as well.

500 Home Runs Suddenly In Play For David Ortiz - RealGM Wiretap

David Ortiz, 39, hit a pair of home runs on Wednesday afternoon, the continuation of a surge that has put the 500-home run mark in play.

Ortiz entered 2015 with 466 career home runs Cheap NFL Jerseys , 34 short of 500. He is now on pace to finish the season with 36 home runs. With 48 games left for the Red Sox, he has 491 homers.

The Boston Red Sox designated hitter will turn 40 in November. Ortiz hit just six home runs through his first 52 games this season. He has 19 home runs over his last 52 games.

"I'm not really trying to accomplish any personal thing," Ortiz said. "I'm just trying to play the game the way I'm supposed to play it.

"If I'm swinging the bat good I'm going to try to put a good swing on the pitch every time. That's how I play the game. But that's all I can control."

锘? "Can I have a girlfriend, teacher?" asked one of my students Iskandar. I looked at the boy and was speechless. I did not know whether I would be giving him false hope and unrealistic expectations or giving him more faith to believe for a better future.

The school I was volunteering at were for kids who were mildly to moderately mentally handicapped mostly because of Down Syndrome. Iskandar was mildly handicapped and was just short of qualifying for the local school system.

He was a very cheerful and polite boy and who is blessed with a loving and supportive family. Having a loving and supportive family and environment is critical for a disable person. It could make or break them.

The question from Iskandar had been in my heart for a long time even after I have stopped volunteering because of too many commitments in family, work and life. Should disabled people - be it physical or mental be encouraged to form dating relationships that could potentially lead to marriage? What positives can disabled dating bring?

Firstly, it's not really a question of whether they can or not. Every person has the freedom to express their beliefs, ideas and passion. However, while all things are permissible Cheap Jerseys , not everything is beneficial and careful and wise reflection should be given especially when such a question is posed to us by sincere individuals.

Over the years, I have mingled and made friends with people who are visually and physically handicapped who try to fit in and live a "normal" life in society. Disabled dating is often the last thing on their mind because they are burdened with many worries - financial, relationship and health.

Come to think of it, they are definitely just like normal people just with different problems to deal with. Not to digress from the main purpose of this article, I would argue that every person always has some form of disability and the greatest disabilities are unseen rather than seen.

A prideful, stubborn and lazy attitude is a terrible disability for example. A girl who had been sexually abused since young might carry emotional scars and wounds that could make her emotionally disabled and prevent her from ever having an authentic romantic relationship unless she receives healing and restoration within.

So in a way, everyone experiences disabled dating because we all have our imperfections both physically and emotionally and our own unique set of problems.

However, for the sake of our readers Wholesale Jerseys China , let us talk more about the practical pros and cons of disabled dating from the perspective of physical and mental disabilities. As mentioned earlier, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. A friend of mine has a relative (let's give him the name "Joe") who lost one of his leg in a car accident.

Thankfully, Joe is a man of strong character, maturity and wisdom. He voluntarily left his managerial position although the company wanted him to stay badly and "create" some role to fit him in. He told me as we were hanging out one day,"I know who I am, Paul. I don't want any free hand outs.

Even with this leg gone, I can still create and add value for people in other ways." I was moved, encouraged and inspired by his faith and sense of dignity. Joe is now an established consultant from the field he used to be a manager. He is also a savvy investor and is a partner of several small and medium enterprises. I admire his great and inspirational comeback.

"Disabled dating?" Joe looked at me and smiled. "Yes I do think about having a dating relationship sometimes."

After the accident Wholesale NFL Jerseys , Joe asked his fiancee to leave and to move on. I don't know how he did it..but it must had been very painful.

"I know, Paul. It would definitely make life happier and more meaningful because you have a closer friend, a companion to share your life with," said Joe. "But we've got to think further than that too you know. Everyone is free to pursue the relationship of their dreams and I encourage them to.

Personally, I guess I think too much about the future. Because I be.