The Ultimate Work-From-Home Job? Day Trading November 18 Charles Barkley England Jersey , 2013 | Author: Frank Miller | Posted in Finance
Ever dreamt of giving up the daily grind? Want to strike out on your own and work from home, but don’t know what you could possibly do to make a living? Full time Nasdaq trader Harvey Walsh wondered just that, and now he asks “Is day trading the ultimate work from home job”? We’ve probably all had the same thought at some time or another, as we trudge off towards another day at work – the same work we’ve been doing day in day out for years – “surely there has to be a better way?” Slaving away to make somebody else rich just doesn’t seem right somehow, but what alternative? Setting up a new business, or buying an established one, are both expensive and risky prospects. So how can the disenchanted employee ever hope to make the switch from wage-slave to total independence?

Or anywhere in their strategy either. In fact, your trading strategy should be completely devoid of this otherwise very excellent personality trait quality. So with that, let’s get to the heart of the matter Blank England Jersey , the real reason why you’re reading this article today. We are all familiar with Neil Armstrong – that, or our elementary school teachers are failing miserably. Just in case you don’t know, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. This was an amazing feat for a fledgling space program, and demonstrated our country’s dominance and superiority over the rival USSR. Neil Armstrong was a dedicated and confident American figure. He was determined, and more importantly, he shot for the moon….and amazingly enough, he hit it! However, the ideals and character strengths exemplified by Neil Armstrong don’t work for day trading. In fact, they are downright disastrous. This is where you start to see these day trading secrets and to learn day trading. Neil Armstrong shot for the moon Andros Townsend England Jersey , and he made it. Day Traders who shoot for the moon are liable to end up crash landing right after take off.

The advantages of day trading as a job are numerous to say the least; there is no boss to answer to, no customers to satisfy, no suppliers to let you down, no waiting for invoices to be paid, I could go on. In fact, I will: trading is a location-independent activity – I can work from anywhere with an internet connection, which effectively means anywhere in the world with a telephone line. I regularly trade from my laptop whilst travelling. I can trade when I feel like it, and take time off when I like, which means I can spend quality time with my family. Now let’s get this straight Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain England Jersey , trading can be a risky activity, there is no doubt about that. So is driving a car to work, but the risks of getting from A to B on four wheels are well understood and are managed accordingly, to the point where we don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel. And in the same way, provided a trader is disciplined in their approach to the job at hand, and understands the associated risks of the work, so those risks can be managed.

I know of a couple of traders that don’t think twice about putting 40 or 50% of their account on the line every time they open a position. Well all it takes is two or three bad trades in a row and poof they are finished, account busted. Let’s look at some numbers just for the same of argument. I like to trade the S&P Emini, each point has a value of $50.00 so if I set a stop for 2 points Adam Lallana England Jersey , trading 2 contracts I am willing to risk $200. Using my rule it would mean that I want at least $4,000 in that account to open that trade. I know that might sound like a lot, but trust me on this it’s more than possible to have four or five bad trades in a row. Then what? Well then you dig out those want ads again.

And that brings me to the most satisfying aspect of trading for a living; money. On an average day trading the Nasdaq, it is not unusual to make more money in a couple of hours than I used to make in a whole month working full time as a wage-slave. There are bad days of course, days where things just don’t work out, but they pale into insignificance over the course of a week or a month. It certainly took some intensive studying and a lot of practise before becoming a consistently profitable trader. But the end result of that hard work is an immensely valuable life skill that nobody can take away, and which allows for incredible freedom.

And remember, you don’t need to hit insanely high profit targets to be a successful day trader. Keep your targets appropriate, and your day trade goals in check. A 10% or 15% weekly return is more than enough to steadily (and safely) grow your trading account. So take heed of this little trading nugget as you learn how to day trade successfully. Your future success as a day trader depends on it!

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