The SWTOR Smuggler Class For characters that can deflect blaster bolts with their deathsticks without even looking new balance 580 hombre baratas , Sith Lords seem to be rather obtuse when it comes to traps. It's quite silly really. But the SWTOR Smuggler Class is going to give the sith a run for their money.

From a lore perspective, it is my understanding that the common Jedi isn't nearly as powerful or strong in the force as Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Anikan, Yoda or Luke who were all prodigies of their time. In addition, the Jedi training program 3000 years from now will probably be much better then the one in place when the game is set.

Game mechanics need to trump lore when it comes to game balance. Otherwise the game just isn't as interesting. If the cost of playing the character that we want is to risk being under powered to the point of uselessness, then the game isn't worth playing.

Vader would be a unique example because he was so powerful. It's highly unlikely anyone but another extremely powerufl force user could kill him. However, he wasn't invincible. Boba Fett fought him once or twice, and even managed to shoot him in the head once. I know Boba was way above other bh's, but you're talking about the dude who ripped the jedi temple to pieces. In the books it even mentioned how vader effortlessly struck down drallig and several other jedi. I think it stands to reason that a slightly better than normal bhsmugmandoagent could fight an average to above average jedisith just fine. It's when you get to Obi-wan or Yoda lvl jedi that you're talking about anyone else getting killed. But I guess we'll see with the swtor smuggler class.

The thing is though that this is an MMO. to make Jedi and Sith superior to the other classes would make the other classes fillers, which would create little to no desire to play those classes. I know I would not be a filler class just to get rocked by superior classes in an MMO game.
If you want to can find the answer you are looking for in the books. There are worlds with metals that can stop light saber attacks. AI's based worlds that have fire power that can match that of super novas. Cyber, and droids that are made just to kill Jedi. Guns that turn you to ash. The list goes on and on my friend new balance 574 niños baratas , so you can start singing it or not, but if you do well you know the words so I will not go in to that.

If you don't get what I am saying lets just ask this. How can a Sith die? The answer to that is lots of ways. All a Smuggler has to do is pick one, and trick the target in to it. Flash bangs, stun guys, blasters this all works, sure in a fair fight, the smuggler is sure to lose, but when dose a smuggler fight fair? Haven a R2-D2 hack the hanger doors, a cable, and well timed flash bang. One dead Sith.

Ultimately the swtor smuggler class is really going to be interesting and fun to play I imagine. And it will end up kicking lots of sith butt.
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