The development of the FitFlop stems from research done by Mens Fitflop Dass sale Dr. David Cook and Darren James at the center for human performance at LSBU. They were given a task of developing a flip flop that increased the output of the muscles of the lower legs. They surmised the answer lay in the sole construction. So they developed a sandal with differing sole densities, creating an unstable base with a patent pending technology called microwobbleboard. What happens with this technology is as the foot moves through the gait cycle, the lower leg muscles are used more to regain stability.

FitFlops are fun footwear! But after all the fun and frolic what many people fear is the pain and foot issues they would have to face after the walk around the trail o Mens Fitflop Freeway cheap r roaming around during the holidays. If you are part of a weight watch regime, all the more reason to pay special attention to your footwear. Weight loss programs are always tedious and strenuous but there is an easy way off.

Why Are the FitFlop Clogs Such a Popular Choice?FitFlop is famous for their sandals that tone legs and glutes while you walk. FitFlops builds a mini--workout into each step. Created to destabilize every move, this leg--toning secret weapon gets muscles to work harder.

The main premise of the FitFlop is to induce a bit of instability as you walk. The engineers have accomplished this by creating a sole with multiple densities called micro-wobbleboard. This technology has a uniquely built mid-step and forces the legs to work harder when walking. The concept provides not only extra work for the legs, but are also constructed to have a cushioning effect for maximum comfort. The advantage of the FitFlop sole construction is tha Men Fitflop Sling sale t it reduces the amount of shock on the joints. As you walk, the sole absorbs more shock, which alleviates strain on the feet, the knees and the ankles.

This boot has an incredibly bold look about them. They feature a nylon/patent puffy-padded upper and faux fur lining inside which will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. The FitFlop Snugger boot also is water and stain resistant, and has a rugged outsole that will keep you from slipping in the snow. They have various colors for added versatility. The availabl e colors are black, bronze and silver.

Advantages Of Wearing These Ergo-Sandals