Harper Criticizes Washingtons Lineup Decisions - RealGM Wiretap
Bryce Harper returned to the Washington Nationals with authority on Monday night.

Harper Los Angeles Clippers Hoodie , who missed two months with a thumb injury, had some opinions about how the team's lineup should have been constructed.

With Harper back, Matt Williams put Ryan Zimmerman at third base, Anthony Rendon at second base, Harper in left field and benched Danny Espinosa.

"I think [Zimmerman] should be playing left. Rendon's a good third baseman. He should be playing third. We've got one of the best second basemen in the league in Danny Espinosa," Harper said. "Of course, we want the best-hitting lineup in there. [But] I think Rendon playing third and Zim playing left is something that would be good for this team. I think that should be what's happening."

The proposal would also put Denard Span on the bench and Harper himself in center field, the position he's politicked for weeks to play.

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锘? Bullseye-Sports's Dwayne Bryant gives his thoughts and predictions on the AFC East for the upcoming season. Teams are listed in their predicted order of finish.


Offense: QB Tom Brady is without a doubt one of the best QBs in the game. With a nearly non-existent running game in 2005 Los Angeles Clippers Jerseys , Brady was called on to carry the load - and he responded with a big year. Brady threw for 4,110 yards and 26 TDs with a 92.3 QB rating. The Pats drafted RB Laurence Maroney as insurance for the aging Dillon. The receiving corps is suspect except for former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch. David Givens left for Tennessee, leaving the Pats without a solid #2 WR. They drafted Chad Jackson to compete with Reche Caldwell. Look for more production from the TE position, where Ben Watson is poised for a breakout season. Daniel Graham is another viable option from the TE position. Brady spreads the ball around very well and makes his teammates better. As long as he stays healthy, the offense will continue to produce.

Defense: This isn't the same defense that led the Pats to three Super Bowl titles, but it also isn't the same unit that looked awful at times last season. This defense is aging and lacks the depth at LB it once had. But Bill Belichick is a defensive guru who won't allow this unit to slip too far, injuries not withstanding. DE Richard Seymour leads a solid d-line. Rosevelt Colvin is a quality substitute for the departed Willie McGinest. Tedy Bruschi returned from a stroke to lead the LB corps. The front seven is sound, but the secondary needs to stay healthy in 2006. Rodney Harrison returns from injury and veterans SS Tebucky Jones and CB Eric Warfield were brought in. This defense will return to elite status as long as the injury bug doesn't .