Brine Superlight Lacrosse Glove Review Brine Superlight Lacrosse Glove Review January 28 Tennessee Titans Jerseys , 2013 | Author: Dominic Burnside | Posted in Recreation and Sports
The Brine King Superlight lacrosse gloves provide the very lightest weight in the Brine group with a weight of merely 6 oz. They are the first glove from the Superlight series where a remarkable level of weight has been eliminated because of the usage of high-tech substances during the production methods. They have high grade nylon knitting and a twin density fabric engineered of high-end leather which ensures improved longevity and proper protection.

Additionally, they have superb back hand ventilation and dual density foam making them a fortress for your hands. You might get far better movement, flexibility and breathability with the new palm style. The floating cuff assists to lessen smell and allow you to tailor its position because of its versatile design. They are recommended for all positions and come in 12 and 13 inch hand sizes.

Positive points

The Brine King Superlight lacrosse gloves are basically that, extremely light! By substituting core components for lightweight ones and utilizing dual density foam, Brine has been in a position to lower the weight greatly.

Great little finger protection

Featuring a number of superb qualities Kevin Byard Titans Jersey , the Brine King Superlight gloves do address finger safety adequately. The small finger coverage is enhanced with an additional pad at the side. This is quite common on gloves these days.

Awesome feel and break in quickly

The grip on these gloves are excellent. They are ready to use from the get-go because they are so supple and features a nice texture.

When you initially put them on, the Brine King Superlight’s feel excellent. They really feel like they shape to your very hands because they need little time to break in. The thumb was somewhat hard at the beginning, but rubbing it loosened it up. The palm material held well when damp. It is great to see that they still perform because certain other gloves can become somewhat slippery when they get soaked.

Hands stay dry & cool

The palms along with the fingers on the Superlights feature 2 main air-flow regions. Intended to help keep your hands free of moisture are the fine mesh implants in the palm which enhance ventilation. The mesh parts on the fingers likewise allow for additional air-flow.

The Superlights have been designed to take away excessive moisture with the addition of Brine’s unique moisture managing liner. This liner is excellent and is a typical add-on in performance gear. At the selling price of these gloves I’m pleased to find out it’s incorporated. Moisture absorbing clothing does stink after a while, but what gloves do not?

Aspects to watch out for

I am not too excited on how short those gloves are, although the low profile seems to be a market norm today. The small cuff would mean that there’s very little likelihood of them preventing the wrist movements.

Overall protection is so-so

The padding at the back of the palm and fingers may be the main talking point of these gloves. It’s not what you’d class as outstanding; more that it’s just okay. When I squeezed the foam Derrick Henry Titans Jersey , there isn’t the same rigidity and firmness that you get from the very best gloves. I did feel hard checks through the gloves and I reckon that I could have been hit harder. If you compete in a group that slashes hard, you’re going to feel it. The lightening initiatives within the gloves might be a cause for the reduction in protection but it’s hard to determine for certain.


You will definitely have to say that the Brine King Superlight lacrosse gloves are very good gloves, especially after you have played around with them for a bit. Not horrible by any means, but not excellent either. It is sad to mention that their toughness or their padding is not as good as expected. For people in the top leagues, I just can not envisage these gloves being in the position to perform as needed.

These gloves are be suited to non-offensive positions and those that play in leagues in which the checking isn’t that full on. Younger highschool Austin Johnson Titans Jersey , junior university players and defenders spring to mind. Junior players don’t get a lot of consideration as the lowest size is 12″. But having said all of that, the Brine Superlight lacrosse gloves instantly break in, have very good holding grip, are light-weight and very comfortable.

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